Death Knight(DK) Caps


Some the caps for death knights have changed with the level cap increase to 90. Below is a list of the caps that I am aware of.


-Death Knight 2H hit cap and specials is 7.5%.

-Death Knight dual wield hit cap is 7.5%.

-Death Knight spell hit cap is 15% or(spells such as Howling Blast, Death Coil and Pestilence..).

-Death Knight expertise cap is 7.5%


Death Knight Tanking Caps:

  • Dodge and Parry caps for Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights are now all the same.
  • Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights now all get 25% Strength as Parry Rating as a base skill, with all decimals floored.

For avoidance for blood tank death knights you will want a mix of dodge and parry
-Death Knight
dodge is effected by diminishing returns very strongly.

-Death Knight parry you want 2 - 3x more parry than dodge, you also get parry from strength(~.25 parry per point of str).

I do not have avoidance cap information yet for Mists of Pandoria for avoidance.



DK Defense skill needed no longer exists as of 4.0.1.